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At Gyneaesthetics London, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care and ensuring patient satisfaction is met at all times. This is reflected by our patient testimonials and maximum 5* rating on the iWantGreatCare website.

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Mr Masood listened, understood and helped me. Shortly after identifying my issue and treating it I fell pregnant naturally at the age of 40. Great gynaecologist and highly recommended.

I cannot recommend Mr Masood highly enough. He explained my option’s and answered my many questions clearly. Mr Masoods PA Faye is more than helpful, always goes above and beyond to help me. I wouldn’t hesitate to return for future care should the need arise and would definitely recommend Mr Masood.

I was sent to Dr Masood after my case was considered too complex for a private hospital. From our initial telephone consultation I just knew I was in good hands. He explained every single treatment option to me and took time to listen to my questions. You can tell he really cares about his patients. He has a very calm, knowledgeable and excellent demeanour that even when I consented to having an open myomectomy something I had previously feared knowing he is was going to be my surgeon I really had no fear. Even on the day of my procedure he came to see me and I just knew once again I was in great hands. My after care was amazing. My incision scar is hardly visible (everyone is like wow your surgeon did an amazing job). I hope to not have any more gynae issues but if I do it will only be Dr Masood I will go to in future. I couldn’t recommend him enough.

I was referred to Mr Masood by my GP, who spoke highly of him. The initial visit was very thorough and detailed. I was sent for further testing in order to make a proper diagnosis. Everything was done within a few months. Mr Masood always took the time to explain everything and always uses diagrams for clarity. He discussed all the available options which made it easy to agree on the treatment. He was very friendly and approachable. After my surgery the after care was excellent. There were no complications with my surgery and recovery was as scheduled. I have no hesitation in recommending this doctor.

Mr Masood has been my consultant since my very first day of referral to the gynae clinic and has stayed my consultant up till today when I was finally discharged. I have had many procedures carried out by me Masood and in December 2021 he performed my hysterectomy, which all went to plan, he always explained everything to me and is very reassuring, I never felt that I need to question any decision he made regarding my on going problems. I am and will continue to be eternally thankful for taking my problems away and for all the support he has provided over the many years I was his patient thank you Mr Masood.

Thank you very much Mr Masood and his team for getting me my life back.

I had labiaplasty with Mr Masood one week ago. I was very anxious and frightened to get this procedure right as I have been emotionally battling with this for years. I was extremely unhappy with appearance down below which affected my life in so many aspects. Mr Masood kindly had a second consultation with me to go through my concerns…again! This in itself spoke volumes to me. I booked my surgery and honestly I was looked after so well. The nurse Ann was so kind and soothing. She eased my mind the whole way. Most of all, she understood and heard me. Mr Masood took his time and talked me through stages as he went on. Which was great. He is a quiet gentle man and I felt very safe. I am thrilled with my results already. I have followed his instructions to the mark. I emailed him some pictures just to check things were going ok. He emailed back straight away. It is so reassuring knowing he is so accessible. I’m so excited to see my end result months down the line. Thank you Mr Masood, you saved me 🙂

Amazingly helpful, informative and supportive. Would highly recommend.

Mr Masood is an excellent doctor. I recently had an open myomectomy and he was the surgeon who performed the operation. He explained the procedure very well and told me what to expect during and after the operation. He is very professional, empathy and friendly. My operation is a work of act as one can barely seen the incision. I also had my post operation check up with him and he again explained to me what to expect during my recovery. He has cemented my faith in the NHS and the medical profession.

I contacted Mr Masood for HRT help. His secretary was amazingly helpful and Mr Masood himself totally put me at ease and explained everything fully. I will be visiting him for all my HRT needs in the future.

I was very grateful to Mr Masood for the procedure he carried out for me. He took time to listen to the history of my problem and was very reassuring and calm when I was nervous. The procedure was carried out efficiently and with no problems and it was obvious Mr Masood has a lot of experience and I was confident that he could help me. I also want to thank his secretary for all her help. She went above and beyond to get everything organised for my appointment and gave me a full breakdown of costs so there was nothing unexpected to pay. We would to say a big thank you to Mr Masood and his secretary.

From start to finish Mr Masood and his team have made my procedure extremely easy..Faye was so understanding and made me feel very comfortable through the first steps. Meeting Mr Masood the first time he made me feel at ease and I trusted him and what he was explaining to me. Going forward Mr Masood was very conscientious about my procedure due to me having diabetes and took extra care to make sure my sugar levels were well controlled before hand ensuring I would heal properly. The day of the procedure was very straightforward, Mr Masood and his nurse made me feel comfortable and again running over everything and answering any questions I had. The after care is amazing and any worries or questions Mr Masood is always available to help. I would advise anyone to use Mr Masood as I could not have asked for better results In a friendly but professional environment.

Mr Masood has been an excellent practitioner overseeing my care in both gynaecology and obstetrics. I had a very challenging pregnancy but was managed well under his care. Knowledge of my case meant that he made himself available for caesarian section delivery. Following delivery, he ensured that when there was availability, I was booked for a myomectomy. Throughout my care, I have been happy, comfortable and confident in Mr Masood’s care. He is clear, thorough and an expert in his field. I would certainly recommend him and I would seek to be under his care again should I have any gynaecological or obstetric needs.

Dr Masood, is a brilliant doctor I would recommend him to everyone, I have already recommended him to some friends and family. I am so happy with the out come and feel so much more confident. Thank you very much Mr Masood again.

I am honestly so grateful to Mr Masood and his team members for making me feel extremely comfortable with my labiaplasty and hoodectomy procedure. From the moment I had my consultation with Mr Masood, I felt like there was some kind of weight that was lifted off my shoulders. He was very honest with me in terms of how the final results might be and made sure that I understood everything. He was so helpful and he explained the whole procedure as well as different techniques that could be done alongside the risks and complications that could occur with some patients. He answered all of my questions and left me without a single doubt. I left the clinic after the consultation knowing that I wanted him to perform the surgery.

The morning of the surgery I was so nervous and scared but Mr Masood and his team were so comforting and they assured me that I will be alright. During the surgery I felt extremely comfortable as one of the team members held my hand and kept comforting me telling me that I was doing great and that I’m almost done. As soon as I felt any kind of pain, even if it was just a pinch, Mr Masood would straightaway inject local anaesthetic in order to make the procedure as painless as possible. The team played me some music and we were just chatting until the procedure was over. When I was taken to the recovery room, the nurses kept checking on me making sure that I was well enough to go home.

After I reached home, Mr Masood kept checking on me in terms of calling and sending me text messages whenever I had questions, he was always quick to answer. Today is my 11th day after surgery, the swelling has subsided and I cannot explain how happy I am with the result so far. I have been wanting this surgery for years and now that I finally did it, I cannot be more happier. I am still healing, and cannot wait to see the final result soon. I would honestly recommend Mr Masood to anyone, he is easy to talk to, comforting, friendly, and trustworthy. Thank you Mr Masood !! This procedure was my dream for years and because of you it came true and now I am happier and more confident!

Having my labiaplasty with Mr Masood was the best decision I made. He approached everything very professionally and explained the procedure step-by-step in detail, addressing any concerns I had. I was also able to text him post-op which made the recovery feel even smoother. Additionally, everything was handled very professionally considering the current situation with COVID-19. I am very happy with the outcome and it is even better than I expected. I would definitely recommend!

I am very pleased with the results of my labiaplasty procedure carried out by Dr Masood. Everything was explained to me beforehand so I felt comfortable on the day of my surgery. I highly recommend Dr Masood for anyone looking to get a labiaplasty done.

Once I was referred to Mr Masood, he was very helpful. I had missed a great deal of work and had my life taken over by constant menorrhagia.

Mr Masood acted quickly, putting me on a course of injections over three months to lessen the bleeding which immediately helped. We then organised surgery.

I was very anxious about the surgery as my daughter had twice had poor care for an ovarian cyst previously, however the team caring for me were marvellous and I made a good recovery from the surgery and to date the menorrhagia has not returned.

This week I was discharged from care after being seen promptly at my follow up appointment. Appointments were at King Georges Hospital and surgery was at Queens Hospital.

If it wasn’t for Doctor Masood my wife would still be waiting for her operation. Because he listened to us and acted immediately she has had her operation and is now on the road to recovery.

I would hate to think what the outcome would have been if not for him.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

I got in touch with Mr Masood about something that was bothering me for years and met with him that same week. He explained my options and situation to me with kindness and respect so I decided to go through with the procedure the following week.

I trusted him from the beginning and it made sense to wait no longer. The procedure went fine, we were chatting away the whole time and he was giving me updates on how the operation was coming along. I was never once uncomfortable or in pain. If I so much flinched he would address it straight away with some more local anaesthetic! My comfort and ease was his priority.

The following week I was getting nervous and anxious about my results and I sent him a lot of questions, he replied instantly and even met me again that week to settle my mind and have a look, which I really appreciated because it totally reassured me! I’ve just had my 6-week follow-up appointment with him and I couldn’t be happier with my results.

Mr Masood is professional and friendly, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Thank you, Mr Masood, you’ve changed my life!

I had a subtotal hysterectomy – bilateral salpingectomy. I had been suffering from heavy periods for many years and my uterus was equivalent to a 22 to 24-week pregnancy due to large fibroids.

Dr Masood, from our very first consultation, was extremely patient and understanding of my needs. I came prepared with countless questions and suggestions and he listened, advised and answered all my questions. Not once did he make me feel uncomfortable about the numerous questions that I bombarded him with. I was very confident in his knowledge and he explained all the various treatment options in depth.

He also has an excellent team behind him who are very prompt at responding to any concerns or questions that you have. Faye Scott, his secretary, is always professional, caring and prompt.

After my surgery, Dr Masood visited daily to ensure that everything was going well, which it did. He assured me that if I needed anything else upon discharge, that I should contact his secretary. I did this a few days after being discharged and got a response from Dr Masood within the hour.

I can highly recommend Dr Masood and his team. I also would like to thank him for being patient with me, for making this whole stressful process easy and for getting rid of the fibroids from hell. I will always be grateful. Thank you!

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